Get Peace of Mind on Your Used Car Purchase with the Warranty Forever® Program at AutoWorld Eagle Pass

For some customers, peace of mind is always the biggest hurdle when it comes to their pre-owned vehicle purchase. They want to know that the used car, truck, or SUV they have their eye on is going to be able to provide them with dependable performance for a long time to come. At Auto World Eagle Pass, located at 1997 North Veterans Boulevard in Eagle Pass, TX, we understand this mindset. Since we want our customers to have utmost confidence in shopping for their next pre-owned vehicle with us, we are offering the Warranty Forever® program.


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Buy Used Cars Online in Eagle Pass, TX


Here at AutoWorld Eagle Pass, we want to make sure the process of shopping for your next vehicle is simple and gives you a smooth experience from start to finish. That's why we have many different online tools and ways to begin and complete many steps of the process as you shop from home and find your ideal fit, saving time at the dealership and getting your next vehicle sooner!


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Dealing with Pet Hair in Your Car

If you’re struggling with attempts to remove pet hair from your car seats, maybe it is time to switch up the strategy. Using a lint roller, for example, is not advisable. The rollers don’t work very well. However, using duct tape to pick up the hair works efficiently. So does using a vacuum with a brush attachment.

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Overview of Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is one of the most popular in-vehicle technology systems on the market today. Apple CarPlay provides you with hands-free access to GPS and directions as well as calls, music, and other apps. Apple CarPlay enhances overall motoring safety, including in inclement conditions like when driving in the rain.

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